want to

i really want to take some photo’s but im really unsure on what to take photo’s of it’s not a very nice day today so i may wait until we have a little bit of sunshine and go for a walk and see what inspires me! but i’m back at work next Thursday so i just hope we get some decent weather before then.

im also thinking about writing a children’s book so if/when i do i will let you lovely people in on how its going i have a few ideas on things i want to write about but nothing in set in stone yet fingers crossed they will be soon 😀 enjoy your Thursday peace out

xx Knibbleret xx

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drum cake

drum cake

this was for my best friend

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flower cake

flower cake

close up on flowers

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howdy all

well this is just to introduce myself to you lovely people… and to say thanks if your reading this 😀

I’m 22 years young, some people would say i giggle too much but i say meh to them :p i have a motto live life like each day was your last, never worry about what others say if they don’t like you for who you are then its there loss i say everyone has there good points and their bad ones if people can’t take you for who you are then they are not worth your energy remember everyone is an individual and there are no two people who are the same and that’s what makes us who we are being different…….i have had a rough couple of years but I’m not one to meddle over the past or bad times…. try not to learn the hard way that you are special and someone out there loves all the bits you hate about yourself your perfect just the way you are trust me no matter what never change unless its what you want ……..

I’m married to an amazing man he is just wonderful makes me so very happy…

I’m into photography and cake making and decorating I’ve only been doing it for about six months but i love it 🙂 ….

may sound strange but i love to have game nights (I’m a PS3 kind of gal) at the moment I’m into Alice Madness Returns and MW3 😀 ….

i like to paint miniatures I’m still in the process of learning on this though  getting some good tips from my other half 🙂 …

please feel free to follow me on twitter …….   https://twitter.com/#!/knibbleret

have a love;y day or night depends on what time you read this he-he enjoy either way 😀

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